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City of Madeira
Administrative Offices
7141 Miami Ave.
Madeira, OH 45243
Ph: 513-561-7228

Mon-Fri 8 a.m.-5 p.m.
Independence Day Fireworks
Independence Day Fireworks


With the potential for rain and the slight threat of severe weather for this evening’s events, please note the following important information for our parade participants and spectators.

  • If there is slight to moderate rainfall (with no lightning) at the beginning of or during any time of the parade, festival or fireworks, all events will continue as scheduled.

  • If there is heavy rainfall/lightning before or at the beginning of the parade, we will delay the start of the parade up to 7:30 PM. The Madeira High School will be open so parade participants can seek shelter.  The High School will not be open if it is only raining.  Please bring appropriate wet weather gear.  If the severe weather continues or looks like it will continue beyond 7:30 PM, the parade will be cancelled.

  • In the event of a “severe pop-up storm” while the parade is taking place, communication from City Safety Staff will be relayed to the parade units that the parade is disbanding and being cancelled.

  • Even though the parade is cancelled under these circumstances, the festival and fireworks may still take place if it appears weather will permit.  City staff will be monitoring weather radar to determine whether the event takes place as scheduled. Again, if there is only slight to moderate rainfall, the festival and fireworks will still take place.  Announcements will be made at Sellman Park updating you on the status of the events. 

  • In the event of a “severe pop-up storm” during the festival and fireworks, the Madeira Middle School will be opened to provide shelter.  The Middle School will NOT be open if it is only raining.  

  • The start of the fireworks show may be delayed up to 10:30 PM. We will not start the fireworks after that time.

  • New this year at Sellman Park is the baseball outfield fence.  Gates have been installed in several locations for spectators to enter and exit the enclosed field.  All gated exits are marked with a banner.  Please be aware of and use the nearest exit to your location in the event of an emergency. 

Most of All, Be Safe!

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