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Posted on: July 13, 2018

FAQs - Sidewalk Repair Program

Sidewalk Repair/Replacement Program Information - FAQs
July 2018

The City of Madeira Code Section 93.55 places the responsibility of repairing or replacing damaged sidewalks on the adjacent property owner.  Over the next two years, we will be conducting an inspection program of all public sidewalks and sending notices to those property owners who have sidewalk blocks which do not meet the standards of the Madeira Code. The following are some FAQS which help inform and explain the process.

Why is the City Undertaking This Program?

The Madeira Code requires this program. As well, Pedestrian Safety is important to our community.  As homeowners, we have a legal obligation to make certain the sidewalk in front of our homes are safe and free from obstructions and defects that can cause injury to those using the walkways.  You hear and read more and more about how important it is for a community to be “pedestrian friendly” and “walkable”. Having sidewalks in good condition are an important part of this.

What Are The Standards by Which a Block of Sidewalk is Required to be Replaced?

Madeira Code Section 93.54 outlines these standards:


The following sidewalks, or parts of walks, now or thereafter existing, shall be condemned:

(A) Any block or segment having a crack in it more than five-eighths inch wide at the surface;

(B) Adjoining blocks or portions thereof whose adjacent edges differ in vertical elevation by more than five-eighths inch;

(C) Blocks that have holes in them five-eighths inch or more in diameter, or that are broken so that substantial fragments are missing or loose;

(D) Blocks having depressions such as to impound mud or water;

(E) Blocks having a slope away from the street in excess of three-fourths inch vertical per one foot horizontal;

(F) Blocks that cause an abrupt change in the longitudinal grade of a sidewalk; and

(G) Blocks that are very rough, with the coarse aggregate protruding, by reason of raveling or spalling.
(1985 Code, § 93.39) Penalty, see § 93.99

If you have any of these conditions on a block of sidewalk, it will probably be marked for repair/replacement.

Can I Repair Instead of Replace the Block?

The answer to that is “perhaps.” Patching a hole or filling a small crack is possible with a concrete filler material. However, if the majority of the surface is unraveled or spalled, patching will not work and is not approved. Likewise, with blocks that have separated and are now causing a trip hazard, you might be able to grind off the higher edge to eliminate the trip hazard.  However, if the separation is too great, then grinding will not work.  You may attempt to grind the edge and call us for an inspection, but it may not be approved and the block will then be replaced.  Call the Municipal Building at 561-7228 if you have a question. 

How Long Do I Have to Make Repairs or Replace the Block(s)? 

If you receive a letter from the City Manager notifying you of the need to replace a sidewalk block, you will have 30 days from the date of the letter to apply for a permit and the repairs/replacement must be completed in 60 days from the date of the letter that to make the repairs.  The purpose of the permit is so we know you are doing the work yourself or with a contractor and, so we can perform an inspection of the work. The cost of the permit is $2.00.

What if I Do Not Want to Make the Repairs Myself?  

If you choose not to do the work on your own, the City will make arrangements to do it for you. The City will be bidding and then hiring a contractor to replace all blocks that are marked.  The contractor will not be making “repairs” only replacement.  Once the work has been completed, the property owner will be invoiced for the cost of the work by the private contractor.  There is also a 5% administrative fee included with this cost.  The invoice must be paid in 60 days; if it is not, the balance of the cost will be assessed to the property tax bill for this affected property.

What If I Can’t Afford to Make the Repairs? 

We will bill the property owner for the entire amount.  However, if the owner can provide us with sufficient information of a financial hardship, we can make arrangements to create a monthly payment plan through the Finance Department.


We anticipate that a standard 4’ x 5’ block will cost $150-$175 each.

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