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Frequently asked Questions:

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1. How does the city handle zone changes?
2. What is the city’s zoning code?
3. What is a variance?
4. How do I get information about the tax abatement on Euclid Avenue (CRA)?
5. How do I find out about upcoming city meetings and events?
6. What about Madeira History?
7. Where do I get a building permit?
8. How does the garbage program work?
9. When is my garbage pickup day?
10. What does the community of Madeira and surrounding area have to offer?
11. Does the City of Madeira have a leaf pick-up program?
12. Does the City of Madeira have a brush and limb pickup program?
13. To whom do I pay my water bill?
14. To whom do I pay my electric bill?
15. What school district is my house in?

Tax FAQ's

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1. What is the earnings tax rate?
2. Do you give credit for tax paid to other cities?
3. Do I have to file with the City of Madeira?
4. Are estimated payments required, and when are they due?
5. Who do I call about my property taxes?