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Community Programs and Services
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The Madeira Police Department partners with Kroger and local food banks to fill cruisers with non-perishable food items.  These items are then donated to the food banks to help those in need in the community.

Residential Key Program
The Madeira Police Department's residential key program is designed to expedite access to residents in their own homes during medical or other emergencies.  The lockbox program also reduces the likelihood of property damage caused by first responders forcing entry into a home in response to an emergency call.

The lockbox program is open to all Madeira residents, but is especially encouraged for those residents who:
  • Are 65 and above or
  • Are under 65, with a major medical issue that could render them incapacitated or unconscious
How does the program work?

1.  The eligible participant will complete a Key Program application for the Madeira Police Department.  Applications can be picked up at the front desk of the Police Department or in person from any Police Officer

2.  Completed applications can be dropped off at the front desk of the Police Department or given in person to any Police Officer.  The participant will provide a spare house key when turning in the application.

3.  Once the application is received a small sticker will be affixed to the residence.

4.  The officer will determine the best location for the sticker that allows quick visibilty for the emergency responders, but is not readily visible to typical street or pedestrian traffic.

5.  The key will only be used during an emergency call, and when responders can't make entry without using force.  At no time will the key be used or will entry be made without authorization.

6.  There is no cost to participate in the Key Program, other than the cost of the spare key.

7.  A participant may withdraw from the Key Program at any time by contacting the police department.  After the key is returned to the participant, the sticker will be removed from the residence and returned to the Police Department.

Vehicle Lock-Outs
The Madeira Police Department will open your locked vehicle if you leave your keys in the vehicle.  There must be an emergency surrounding the request such as your child or pet is in the vehicle.  A supervisor may also approve the unlocking of a vehicle on a case by case basis.

To request your vehicle be unlocked you should call the police department at 272-4214 and based on availability an officer will assist you.  The Madeira Police Department is not responsible for any damage caused to a vehicle while attempting to unlock it.

Gun Lock Program
project childsafe.gif
Project Childsafe and the Madeira Police Department have partnered to provide free gun locks to residents.  To obtain a free gun lock you must show your ID at the police department.  Gun locks will be issued based on the quanitity available.

Police Station Tours
Many school and civic groups request tours of the police department.  We are happy to accomodate your group, but we request you contact the department at least 2 weeks prior to your visit.  Please email Officer Miller to schedule your station tour at

Safety and Security Presentations
Members of the police department frequently provide presentations to local schools and groups. 
Topics include:
  • 3rd Grade Seatbelt Safety
  • Halloween Safety
  • Identity Theft
  • Internet Safety
  • Personal Safety
  • Residential Safety and Security
If you have a particular topic you would like to have presented by one of our officers, contact us.  Please contact Officer Miller to schedule a presentation at

Citizen Fingerprinting
Residents and those who work within the city limits can have their fingerprints taken at the police department.  The department does not have the capability to take fingerprints electronically.  You must show proof of residency or employment to receive this service.

K-9 Program

Officer Ed Farris and his partner, Doc, have been serving the community since 2014.  Doc is a narcotics trained canine as well as being trained in search and handler protection. 

Doc is a sworn member of the Madeira Police Department and is the second canine officer in the department's history.  The first canine was Amigo, who after serving for eight years, died of natural causes

Mobile Speed Trailer and Speed Surveys
The Madeira Police Department has a mobile speed sign that is used to allow drivers to see their speeds and make them aware of the speeds they travel on our streets.  The sign is placed in locations where residents have complained about speeding or on main roads.  If you would like the speed sign placed in your neighborhood please email Lt. Paul Phillips

A speed survey is conducted when residents have a concern about drivers speeding in their neighborhood.  An officer will respond to the neighborhood and record speeds of motorists to determine the average speed, high speed, and low speed on the street. This information is useful to determine if police resources need to be deployed to the area in an effort to reduce speeding violations.  Information needed for the survey will be the times of day and days of the week as well as any other pertinent information as to when the violations are occuring. Please contact Lieutenant Phillips to have a speed survey done on your street