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Mobile Speed Sign & Speed Surveys
Speed Sign
The Madeira Police Department has a mobile speed trailer that is used to allow drivers to see their speeds and make them aware of the speeds they travel on our streets. The trailer is placed in locations where residents have complained about speeding or on main roads. If you would like the speed trailer placed in your neighborhood please email Lt. Phillips.

Speed Surveys
A speed survey is conducted when residents have a concern about drivers speeding in their neighborhood. An officer will respond to the neighborhood and record speeds of motorists to determine the average speed, high speed, and low speed on the street. This information is useful to determine if police resources need to be deployed to the area in an effort to reduce speeding violations. Information needed for the survey will be the times of day and days of the week as well as any other pertinent information as to when the violations are occurring. Please contact Lt. Phillips to have a speed survey done on your street.