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Residential Key Program
Purpose of Key Program
The Madeira Police Department's residential key program is designed to expedite access to residents in their own homes during medical or other emergencies. The lockbox program also reduces the likelihood of property damage caused by first responders forcing entry into a home in response to an emergency call.

The lockbox program is open to all Madeira residents, but is especially encouraged for those residents who:
  • Are 65 and above or
  • Are under 65, with a major medical issue that could render them incapacitated or unconscious

Join the Program
  1. The eligible participant will complete a Key Program application for the Madeira Police Department. Applications can be picked up at the front desk of the Police Department or in person from any Police Officer
  2. Completed applications can be dropped off at the front desk of the Police Department or given in person to any Police Officer. The participant will provide a spare house key when turning in the application.
  3. Once the application is received a small sticker will be affixed to the residence.
  4. The officer will determine the best location for the sticker that allows quick visibilty for the emergency responders, but is not readily visible to typical street or pedestrian traffic.
  5. The key will only be used during an emergency call, and when responders can't make entry without using force. At no time will the key be used or will entry be made without authorization.
  6. There is no cost to participate in the Key Program, other than the cost of the spare key.
  7. A participant may withdraw from the Key Program at any time by contacting the police department. After the key is returned to the participant, the sticker will be removed from the residence and returned to the Police Department.