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Zoning Applications
Application for Zoning Approval
Zoning approval is concurrent with the building permit process. The City of Madeira requires a Building and Zoning Permit Application for any new construction, remodel, or sign that may be installed within the city limits of Madeira. (For more detail on what requires a permit, go to the Building Department tab under the Government heading on the home page of this website.)

When the applicant submits the application, staff forwards it to the Zoning Administrator. If it does not meet zoning approval, the applicant will be notified of the option to change it, withdraw it, or apply for a variance to the Planning Commission (see below). It is extremely important to provide a legible site plan (or "plot plan") with the application so the Zoning Administrator can make sure the project meets zoning requirements. For zoning questions call 561-7228. 

After the Zoning Administrator signs off on it, it may also need to be reviewed by the Architectural Review Officer, (ARO) and the Zoning Administrator may request a meeting with the applicant and the ARO. All Commercial permits and Sign permits require ARO approval. The Zoning Administrator will also distribute it to either the Commercial Building Inspector (CBO), Bill Fiedler, or the Residential Inspector, David Ballweg. (For their contact information, go to the Building Department tab under the Government heading on the home page of this website.) After they approve it, the applicant will be contacted that the permit application has been approved and will be advised of the permit fee.

The applications below are submitted to the Planning Commission, which meets the third Monday of every month at 7:00 p.m. For due dates in submitting applications for Planning Commission consideration and Plan Comission meeting dates, please reference this link 2017 Submittal Deadlines.

Variance Applications
Residential Variance Application

Commercial Variance Application 

Sign Variance Application

Applications for Panhandle lots
Lot Split Panhandle with Variances

Applications for Lot Split/Consolidation
Lot Split/consolidation No Variance

Lot Split/Consolidation with Variance

Zone Change Application
If an applicant wishes to actually change the zoning of a property from one zoning classification to another, the Zoning Map Amendment Application must be filled out. If the request is for a map and text amendment fill out a Zoning Map and Text Amendment Application. Fill out a Zoning Text Amendment Application if the request is for a text change only.

Conditional Use Applications
Churches, schools and other similar land uses require conditional use approval if they are in a Residential Zone, pursuant to §150.102 Conditional Uses in Residential Districts. Fill out the Conditional Use Application.