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    As you may have seen in previous city announcements, the City has begun the process of developing its first Comprehensive Plan. The Comprehensive Plan will identify a community vision for the future and provide for strategies to help implement this vision. Public engagement and involvement is critical to the success and viability of this effort.  As part of the public engagement process, there are four “Working Groups” which will advise the Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee on specific issues that are to be addressed in the Plan.  We need residents to serve on these Working Groups.  The four Working Groups are:

    Housing. The Housing Working Group will include representation across a broad cross section of local neighborhoods to offer perspective on a wide array of housing issues including but not limited to the state of the current housing stock, recent development trends, housing types (e.g. single family, multi-family, senior housing, etc.), target demographics, property values/affordability, and workforce housing needs.  The group will engage in a constructive, yet respectful dialogue that considers quality of life and community identity issues from multiple perspectives based on age, household type (e.g. family with children vs. empty nesters), and buying power, while also addressing local and regional market factors that make Madeira an extremely desirable market for residential housing development.

    Active Transportation.  The Active Transportation Working Group will explore potential opportunities to make Madeira a more walkable, livable community through the provision of pedestrian and bicycle facilities safely linking neighborhoods to major community destinations including the Central Business District, parks and schools.  A combination of on-street and off-street facilities, improved wayfinding and signage will be explored in the discussion, as well as opportunities to identify projects that may leverage public assistance (e.g. grant funding) and/or private investment.

    Central Business District/Economic Development. The Central Business District Working Group will examine the preferred form and function of future development and complementary public realm (e.g. streetscape, community branding, etc.) improvements within a vibrant mixed-use district radiating out from Miami Ave and Camargo Rd.  The discussion will consciously balance community desires on development types/tenant mixes with the need for sustainable economic development strategies that result in job creation and positive fiscal impacts to the local tax base and municipal revenue stream.

    Community Facilities. The Community Facilities Working Group will explore opportunities to enhance and/or add civic space, parks & recreational amenities, and events/programming within the City.  Emphasis will be placed on leveraging partnerships with local stakeholders (e.g. schools, churches, civic groups, etc.) in order to develop practical, implementable strategies that maximize the use of already established facilities and mobilized constituencies given the City is approaching buildout and space for new facilities is generally limited and highly expensive.

    The Steering Committee has a liaison assigned to each of these four groups.  We are seeking 6-9 additional resident volunteers to meet 3 times over the next year to participate in the evaluation process working toward recommendations to the Steering Committee.  If you are interested in participating, please email Assistant City Manager Lori Thompson, .  While you may have a specific interest in one of these areas (we expect Housing to be popular), we ask that you be willing to participate in others if one group is overly populated.  Please rank each of the groups on which you would be willing to serve with “1” being the first preference through “4” being the least preferable. 

    Please call the Madeira Municipal Building/City Manager’s Office at 561-7228 if you have any questions.  Thank you for your willingness to serve your community!


    To help serve residents of the City and to provide guidance to the Administration and Council, several boards and commissions have been established, as outlined in the City’s Charter and Code of Ordinances. All positions to these boards and commissions are volunteer and are made via appointment by City Council. Click below to learn more about each: