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Comprehensive Plan FAQ's

1.      What is a Comprehensive Plan?  Just like the name implies, a Comprehensive Plan is a complete review of the community's assets in conjunction with obtaining input from residents, businesses and other stakeholders to determine where the community should be headed in the future.  It is an opportunity foe the community to develop a guiding document that can be used for directing and implementing how the City develops and changes to make it even better. The assessment will include housing needs and business development, along with quality of life issues such as traffic, walkability, and recreation.

2.      Why is a Comprehensive Plan Important?  Communities are always changing, either through internal actions or external forces.  Development and change is going to occur; through the creation of a Comprehensive Plan, development can be shaped and directed to best fit the needs and desires of the community. 

3.      Has the City Ever Done a Comprehensive Plan?  NO! This is the first time and that’s why it’s so exciting! We have conducted separate planning studies in specific areas that might be included in a Comprehensive Plan, but never an actual Comprehensive Plan.

4.      How does a Comprehensive Plan relate to Zoning?  A Comprehensive Plan is a guiding document that is not legally binding, whereas the Zoning Code is a statutory authority that governs property rights.  The Comprehensive Plan will develop recommendations for the type and form of future land uses, but the Zoning Code would need to be amended in a separate process through City Council Resolution for any changes in property rights and use to take place.

5.      Will Public Works projects start construction upon completion of the Comprehensive Plan?  No, there are generally additional phases in the project development process (e.g. preliminary engineering and detailed design) between adoption of the comprehensive plan and the bidding and construction of recommended public works (e.g. infrastructure and municpal facilities) projects.  The time lag between the plan being adopted and improvements being constructed will vary based on many factors including the complexity of a project, available funding/revenue streams and the timing of grants or other partnerships.

6.      How is a Comprehensive Plan Created?  Very simply, the Plan is created through the input of all of the community stakeholders. These include property owners/residents, businesses and even people who visit the city to work or shop.  The first phase of developing the plan is to gain as much information and identify how the stakeholders view the community and what improvements they would like to have in the future. That information is then evaluated as to what common themes are being presented. Next, the Planning Commission will work with the consultant to make recommendations to City Council as to what direction the community should be taking (based on the stakeholder input) along with recommendations as to how to implement the Plan going forward.

The City Council and Planning Commission have engaged a planning firm from Columbus, Ohio to assist and direct this process. Envision Group LLC was chosen from several consulting firms which submitted proposals. Envision Group is charged with the task of collecting all the data and information produced by the stakeholders, evaluating the information, leading the public forums where stakeholders give additional input, and then compiling the information in a consensus document which represents the desires and ideas of the majority of the community.

7.      How Is the Comprehensive Plan Implemented?  The Comprehensive Plan will culminate in a series of step-by-step toolkits that outline action items, roles, responsibilities and timing for post-plan implementation activities.  Depending on the plan’s recommendations these toolkits may include a combination of regulatory tools (e.g. zoning, design standards, etc.), public-private partnerships, policies and programming, innovative financing strategies, economic development incentives/cooperative development agreements, and pursuit of grant funding assistance.

8.      How Long Will the Process Take?  It is anticipated that the process will take as much as one year.  We are just underway so the target date for completing the plan is May 2019.

9.      How Much Will This Plan Cost the City?  The creation of a Comprehensive Plan is not inexpensive; the total cost of the effort will be $98,000 which represents the fees to be paid to the consultant.  In addition to this, there will be hundreds of volunteer hours by the City Council, Planning Commission and other groups.  The City was fortunate to have reserve funds set aside from our property and liability insurance program that could be used to pay for this effort.

10.  How Do I Get Involved?  We want EVERYONE in the community to be involved in this process.  You can do so by:

Attending the Public Forums.  These meetings are open to the public to allow stakeholders to participate in the Comprehensive Plan development. Public Forum #2 is scheduled for:

July 31, 2018                                                   
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Madeira High School
7465 Loannes Dr.
Madeira, OH 45243

Visiting our Comment Station at Community Events.  The project team will be making appearances at community events throughout the planning process at an interactive comment station where residents are encouraged to engage with the team and participate in surveys and interactive activities to provide feedback and input.  Scheduled event appearances will be posted on the city’s website.

Sign up on the City’s listserv by going to www.madeiracity.com and clicking on the “Notify Me” link. Also “LIKE” the City of Madeira Facebook Page. Both of these will provide you with additional meeting times/dates as well as give you update information on the Comprehensive Planning Process.