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Presentations and Documents
Working Group #2 - Meeting Presentations and Summary
WG2 cover.JPG
The Working Groups met the week of September 24, 2018 to discuss each of the focus areas of Active Transportation, Community Facilities, Housing, and CBD/Economic Development.  Click on the links below to view the presentation materials and the meeting summaries.

Active Transportation: PRESENTATION

Community Facilities: PRESENTATION


CBD/Economic Development: PRESENTATION

Meeting Summaries (All groups): MEETING SUMMARIES

Public Forum #3
PF3 cover.JPG
Public Forum #3 was held on October 3, 2018; click HERE to review the presentation materials.

Working Groups - Meeting #1 Presentations and Summary
wkg group title pg1.JPG
The working groups for the Comprehensive Plan have met and begun discussion on the identified target areas of the Plan.  Follow the links below for the presentation from each meeting and a summary of the discussion.  The Working Groups will meet again in September.

Active Transportation:         PRESENTATION
                                            MEETING SUMMARY

Central Business District:     PRESENTATION
                                             MEETING SUMMARY

Community Facilities:          PRESENTATION
                                            MEETING SUMMARY

Housing:                              PRESENTATION
                                            MEETING SUMMARY

Public Forum #2
title pg.PNG

To view the presentation materials from Public Forum #2, please click HERE.

Public Forum #1 Presentation

To view the presentation materials from our Public Forum #1, please click HERE.

Check back after each Public Forum to view the presentation materials.