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Department Structure
Department Identity
This document presents a statement of the structural and ideological identity of the Madeira Police Department, including its specific mission statement, philosophy, strategic goals, organizational structure, and decision processes.

The identity of the police department is under constant review and refinement as the needs of the City of Madeira change. Having a document which identifies each element of the department enables one to understand its components and the process by which it operates. This is of benefit to the city administration, department employees, residents of the community, and the public at large.

Much of the identity is set by our operating environment and the provisions of the Ohio Revised Code. These have a significant impact on the department structure, but the philosophies, objectives, and goals are created from within.

This statement of identity is not intended to create any terms, conditions, or benefits of employment or a contract of employment for any employee or any vested or guaranteed rights or remedies for any citizen. The identity book is not intended to create any policy or regulation of the City of Madeira or its police department. The provisions of the identity book are unilateral expressions of current police department structure and may be changed at any time and for any reason, with or without notice, at the discretion of the chief of police of the city

Our police department identity book describes the governmental identity of the Madeira Police Department. Accordingly, answers are provided to the following six questions:
The information presented in the identity book may seem simple, but what appears straightforward to a police official may look much more complex to those not involved in the law enforcement profession. Every attempt has been made to present the material to make it understandable to all readers.

It should be noted that input for the identity book came from a variety of sources: The Ohio Revised Code, Madeira City Ordinances, Madeira Police Rules and Regulations, the Employee Personnel Manual, and the Village of Olympia Fields, Illinois, Police Department.