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Address Sign Campaign
Address SignThe Madeira and Indian Hill Joint Fire District has started a non-profit community service campaign to offer address signs to the residents of Madeira and Indian Hill. Too often in an emergency, valuable time is lost because street numbers are hard to find or hard to read, especially at night.

Aluminum reflective signs are available in green or blue. The green and blue signs are 6 inches by 18 inches and have reflective numbers on both sides. The blue signs are used on homes that have private fire hydrants down their driveway. Green or blue signs are generally mounted at the street on mailbox posts or any other permanent structure that may be in your front yard. If none are available the sign can be mounted on a separate post.

Reflective address signs are not only helpful to fire departments, EMS, and police. They are also helpful to delivery people, friends, and business acquaintances. Address signs are $10 each. This includes installation by the Fire Department. If one is needed, the department can provide a 4 inch by 4 inch post for an extra $15.

Signs can be ordered by stopping by either the Madeira Fire Station or the Indian Hill Fire Station, or you may call 513-561-7926 and order your sign.