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Large Item PICK UP Program


It’s Back!  City Council recently voted to reinstate the Large Item Curbside Collection Service.  The City’s Budget has stabilized from previous years and the decision was made to appropriate the additional funds to provide the curbside collection of large items.
Because it is not possible to collect the amount of material in one day, we will use the same schedule as in past years to make the service more efficient. Please note the following schedule:

  •  If your regular waste collection day is WEDNESDAY, your large item collection day will be Saturday June 11.
  •  If your regular waste collection day is THURSDAY, your large item collection day will be Saturday June 18.
  •  If your regular waste collection day is FRIDAY, your large item collection day will be Saturday June 25. 

Please note the following rules and requirements for LARGE ITEM CURBSIDE COLLECTION SERVICE:  

  •  Please have all of the materials you want collected at the curb no later than 6 AM of your scheduled date. We strongly encourage you have it at the curb the night before (or earlier). The contractor will be starting at 6 AM to make sure they are able to collect everything in one day. 

CSI/Republic Services asks you to please remember to follow these  rules and requirements: 

  •  NO batteries, tires, liquids, railroad ties, combustible materials or any materials deemed hazardous. The following hazardous waste items will be collected as long as they meet the required guidelines:
  •  Paint: Paint cans must be dried up with the lids removed. Cans with only a small amount of paint remaining can be absorbed with kitty litter or sand and placed out with the lids removed.
  •  Propane tanks: Tanks must be empty with the valve open.
  •  Gas powered equipment: The gas tank must be empty with the lid removed or the tank removed completely from the equipment. Call Hamilton County Hazardous Waste (946-7700) or log onto hamiltoncountyrecycles.org for further information on the proper disposal of hazardous waste type items.
  •  NO  yard waste of any kind.
  •  NO  regular garbage.
  •  NO  bulky materials such as drywall, concrete blocks, dirt, rock, etc.
  •  NO  glass larger than 2’ x 2’ and it must be taped.
  •  Plate glass must be taped (i.e. windows)
  •  Mattresses, box springs and material furniture (i.e. couch, chairs) must be wrapped in plastic.
  •  Carpeting must be bundled and tied in a roll not to exceed 4 ft. in length and 2 ft. in diameter.
  •  Loose materials such as lumber must be bundled, tied, and cannot exceed 4 ft. in length and 2 ft. in diameter with a 50 lb. limit per bundle.
  •  Appliances containing CFC’s (refrigerators, air conditioning units, etc.) will be picked up ONLY IF the CFC’s are removed by a certified technician and the certificate of removal is on the appliance. Contact your heating/cooling company for information regarding the certificate of removal. Doors to refrigerators and freezers must be removed or secured shut.
  •  Please do not place any container, other than your regular garbage cans, at the curb if you do not want it discarded. 

Because large items/materials will now be collected curbside this year, we will not have the drop-off program at McDonald Commons that was previously scheduled for Saturday June 25th.  

Please call the Municipal Building at 513.561.7228 if you have any questions.