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Trash Pickup Schedule
CSI/Republic Services of Ohio Pickup Schedule

The City of Madeira has a weekly curbside trash and recycling pickup service at no additional charge to its residents. Please see the schedule below for your street's assigned trash/recycling pick-up day.  Holidays, i.e., New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day,Thanksgiving, and Christmas, may cause a one-day delay in pick-up.  For details on pick-up delays, watch for listserv email/text messages (sign up through www.madeiracity.com and "Notify Me") or the City FaceBook page.

Call us at (513) 561-7228 if you have any questions.
Each Madeira resident should have a 35 gallon household waste toter and a 65 gallon recycling toter.  Any items under 75 pounds that do not fit in the trash toter and are placed on the curb for regular pick-up need to have a 75-cent sticker on it.  Anything over 75 pounds would need to have 13 stickers on it.  Stickers may be purchased at the Customer Service Desk of the Madeira Kroger store.

Mattresses or any upholstered items must be wrapped in plastic and appropriately stickered to be picked up by CSI/Republic Services.  This is a Hamilton County Board of Health regulation to control bed begs and other insects.

The City of Madeira also sponsors a Large Item Pick Up program once a year.  For exact dates and times, please see your MadeiraNews newsletter, City of Madeira FaceBook page, the calendar on the City website (www.madeiracity.com) or call the Administrative Staff at (513) 561-7228. 

Refer to the Republic Services Garbage Program Guidelines for more information.
Wednesday Pickup
Berwood Drive
Buckeye Crescent
Camargo Greene Court
Camargo Road (Euclid to Blome)
Camargowoods Court
Camargowoods Drive
Crinstead Court
Dee Street
East Galbraith (E. of Lancewood W. of Miami)
Greenbriar Lane
Indian Trail Drive
Iuka Avenue
Jethve Lane
Juler Avenue
Kugler Mill Road
Lancewood Court
Loannes Court
Loannes Drive
Locust Lane
Longfield Drive
Mapleleaf Drive
Maxfield Lane
Miami Avenue (N. of Euclid to Galbraith)
Montgomery Road
Oakbrook Court
Osceola Drive
Redondo Court
Rita Lane
San Marco Court
Sanoma Avenue
Sanoma Drive
Tances Drive
Thomas Drive

Thursday Pickup
Apache Circle
Carriage Hill Lane
Charlesfield Lane
Dawson Road
Eleck Place
Euclid Avenue (Miami to Ken Arbre)
Fowler Avenue
Fox Hill Lane
Hosbrook Road (N. of Euclid, E. side of street)
Juniperview Lane
Ken Arbre Drive
Kencrest Circle
Kenview Drive
Kenwood Road (Shawnee Run to Euclid)
Laurel Avenue (Miami to Mayfield)
Maple Avenue
Mar Del Drive
Mayfield Avenue
Meadowdale Circle
Miami Hills Drive
North Mingo
South Mingo
Minnewauken Drive
Navaho Trail
Nuevelle Lane
Oldbarn Court
Paisley Lane
Pineneedle Lane
Rollaway Road
Rosalee Lane
Rosecrest Avenue
Shewango Way
Southside Avenue
Springcrest Circle
Stewart Road
Strifler Place
Summit Avenue
North Timberlane
South Timberlane
Wallace Avenue
Woodland Reserve Court
Woodsway Drive

Friday Pickup
Arnett Street
Augusta Lane
Bradford Place
Burman Meadow Drive
Camargo Road (Euclid S. to corp. line)
Camargo Canyon Drive
Caribou Court
Center Street
Cherokee Drive
Cherwin Drive
Coachlite Way
Dones Avenue
Esther Lane
Euclid Avenue (Miami to Laurel)
Foxchase Lane
Foxdale Court
Fulsher Lane
Goff Terrace
Johnson Street
Kaywood Drive
Kenwood Hills Drive
Kenwood Road (Shawnee Run to S. corp. line)
Lakota Drive
Laurel Avenue (Miami to Euclid)
Madeira Hills Drive
Madeira Pines Drive
Mapleridge Drive
Maplespur Drive
Margo Lane
Marvin Avenue
May Street
Miami Avenue (N. of Shawnee Run to Euclid)
Morrison Place
Naomi Avenue
Oakvista Drive
Railroad Avenue
Ridgestone Place
Rollymeade Avenue
Shawnee Hills Drive
Shawnee Lane
Shawnee Run Road
Steigler Lane
Sycamorehill Lane
Vistaridge Lane
Whetsel Avenue
Willowhollow Lane
Windridge Drive
Windsong Court
Wood Meadow Drive