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What is the city’s zoning code?
A city’s zoning code is a legal document, that regulates dimensional requirements (e.g. setbacks, height, lot coverage), how the property can be used, and sometimes even the aesthetic appearance of the property. Zoning divides the city into various land use zones typically: residential, retail or commercial, office, industrial, parks or recreation, etc. Zoning is what protects low density residential areas from the impacts of other land uses such as retail or industrial uses, and conversely provides land for retail and industrial uses to serve the residents and generate jobs and taxes. The zoning code consists of a map and the written text.

Madeira also has a land use plan that provides a more general idea of what the citizens want for their city. The land use plan does not have the force of law but should guide the city in making zoning decisions. If a zoning case winds up in a courtroom, the land use plan should provide the rationality for the zoning. From time to time a city should update its land use plan and concurrently review the zoning.

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