Public Records Policy

All officials and staff of the City of Madeira are committed to openness and transparency in government.  To that end, the City is committed to follow the State of Ohio's Public Records Act.

The Public Records Policy for the City of Madeira may be found in Title III, Chapter 37 of the City of Madeira Code of Ordinances. 

For Administration, Building Department and Council/Committee Records: Public records requests may be made in-person at the City Offices, by calling 513-561-7228, via email, or submitting a REQUEST FORM.

For Police Department Records: The Madeira Police Department maintains a separate Public Records Policy.  Records required from the Police Department, may be requested in-person at the Police Department, by calling 513-272-4214, via email, or submitting a REQUEST FORM.

Public Records Requests, for any City Department, can also be made by using the online form below:

Name (optional): 
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City:        State:       Zip Code:     

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COSTS FOR PUBLIC RECORDS - Those seeking public records will be charged only the actual cost of format in which the records have been requested.  For example, the digital recording device (i.e. flash drive), making copies and mailing supplies/postage (if applicable).  There is no charge for e-mailed documents.

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