The property owner is responsible for making sure the builder/contractor has obtained all necessary building permits and for calling for building inspections as required. Building inspections are done by the City of Madeira Building Department Inspectors. 

To Schedule an Inspection

For Commercial or Residential Inspections, please call Bill Fiedler (513-460-0673) 48 hours in advance.

Inspection Type/Who to Call

Electrical contractor is responsible for obtaining an electrical permit from the Inspection Bureau, Inc., 250 W. Court Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202, 513-381-6080. Check with IBI for its administrative procedures. 

Plumbing contractor is responsible for obtaining permits from the Hamilton County General Health Department, Plumbing Division, 250 William Howard Taft Road, Cincinnati, OH 45219,  513-946-7852, and the Metropolitan Sewer District, Tap Records, 1600 Gest Street, Cincinnati, OH 45204, 513-352-4900. All new plumbing work must be inspected by the Hamilton County Health Department Inspector. Check with Hamilton County General Health Department for its administrative procedures. 

New Buildings, Additions, Alterations (Including Wood Decks), Accessory Buildings (Including Pre-fabricated Sheds and Detached Garages), and Pools
The Chief Building Official should be called at 513-460-0673 for inspection at the following steps:

  1. Soil bearing and inspection when footing excavation is finished and before concrete is poured
  2. Rough framing inspection when framing is substantially complete, and after rough-in electrical inspection has been completed. Do not install insulation or drywall until these inspections have been made.
  3. Final inspection when work is substantially completed and final electrical and plumbing inspections have been made.

Call the appropriate utilities for inspection of capped services. Use proper barricades and shut off all utilities. Fill and grade foundation opening, and then contact the Chief Building Official at 513-460-0673 for final inspection when work is completed.

Fences, Driveway Aprons, and Sidewalks in the Public Right-of-Way
Contact the Chief Building Official at 513-460-0673 for final inspection when work is completed on fences. For driveway aprons or sidewalks, inspection must be done before pouring concrete.  If Mr. Fiedler is not available for apron/sidewalk inspections, you may call the Public Works Supervisor at (513) 792-9123. Owner is responsible for the proper location of new work on site.

New Furnace, Air Conditioning, or HVAC Systems
Contact IBI at 513-381-6080 for electrical inspection and permit. Call the Chief Building Official at 513-460-0673 for final mechanical inspection after work is completed and final electrical inspection has been made by IBI.

Roofing, Gutters, and Downspouts
Contact the Chief Building Official at 513-460-0673 for final inspection when work is completed.

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