Finance Department

The Finance Department is responsible for all areas of financial administration, including revenue recording, investments, expenditure tracking, financial records administration and financial reporting.  

At the close of each fiscal year in December, the Finance Department prepares the Comprehensive Annual Report (CAFR).  The CAFR is available July 1st of each year.

2020 CAFR

2019 CAFR
2018 CAFR

2017 CAFR
2016 CAFR

In mid-July the annual Tax Budget is prepared and presented to Council for approval. In December, the Budget for the following year is submitted to Council for adoption and a final appropriation ordinance is passed.

City Council approved the FY2021 budget in December 2020. This year's budget identifies expenditures of approximately $15 million. This total includes $8.8 million in the general fund; the remaining funds are allocated for specific capital improvements and transfers between funds. 

2021 Annual Budget Summary

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