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Capital Improvements


Each year City Council and the City Administration evaluate new projects, long term capital maintenance projects and major equipment purchases to be funded in the annual budget and Five Year Forecast.  Recent projects have included the Centennial Plaza Project at the Madeira Train Station on Miami Avenue and upgrades to both Sellman Park and McDonald Commons.  Capital Maintenance Projects include street resurfacing, storm water pipe repairs and replacements, and water line replacements.   Major equipment purchases include Service Department trucks, leaf vacuums, backhoes and other large vehicles.  All capital projects are funded through local property taxes and earnings taxes.  Because these funds are limited and they are also used to fund our service operations, the prioritization of these expenditures is very important.  City Council continues to be dedicated to making certain we continue to maintain the existing infrastructure long with making necessary improvements throughout the community.

2018 Street Repair Program.

The following streets are TENTATIVELY scheduled to be resurfaced in 2018:

             Eleck Place
             Rosecrest Avenue
             Kencrest Circle
             Strifler Place
             Woodsway Drive
             Rollaway Drive
             Rosalee Court

Total cost for these streets is estimated to be $613,000.


Waterline Replacement Projects

The replacement of waterlines on Tances Drive, Locust Lane and Dee Street is to be completed in 2017.  The next project scheduled will be the replacement of the water main on Thomas Drive.  Although no schedule has been established at the time of this report, the City is making application for a 0% interest/30 year loan for this $800,000 project.  If we receive these funds through the State of Ohio, we hope to have the waterline installed in 2018 so that Thomas Drive can be resurfaced in 2019.


Future Street Projects

Major streets, such as Camargo Road and Euclid Avenue, are also on the priority list for the near future.  These roads are eligible for State Capital Improvement Funding (SCIP) so when these funds become available, we schedule these projects immediately.  SCIP funds are 50% matching grants meaning the city is responsible for the remaining 50% of the construction costs.  Once we receive SCIP funds, local projects may be delayed because total funding of all projects is not available.  Local neighborhood streets are not eligible for outside funding. Each year, the Public Works Committee of City Council monitors the condition of the streets and makes recommendations on the next series of projects to be funded.


Equipment Purchases

In 2017, we purchased a new Two Ton Dump Truck for snow removal, leaf collection and other heavy duty hauling needs.  Total cost: $95,000.   It replaces a similar sized vehicle that was purchased in 1994.  The City maintains four 2-ton vehicles and two 1-ton vehicles for snow removal and other construction purposes.  

Thomas W. Moeller

City Manager