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What do we believe?
Respecting Human Rights
Residents of and visitors to the City of Madeira encompass a variety of individuals, each with his or her own distinctive cultural values, lifestyles, customs, and problems. The nature of the city is further manifested by the diverse ethnic and sociological background of both residents and visitors. However, all persons in the city share the common need for protection and service through objective and impartial law enforcement.

The recognition of individual dignity is vital in a free society. Since all persons are subject to the law, all persons have a right to dignified treatment under the law. The protection of this right is a fundamental responsibility of the department and its members. Every department member is responsible for treating each person with respect, mindful that the person possesses human emotions and needs.

The daily contact with members of the community presents a unique opportunity to strengthen police community relations. In all contacts with the public, members must inspire respect for themselves as individuals, and as representatives of the department, by respecting the human rights of all members of the community.