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What is our structure?
Organizational Structure
As prescribed by the Home Rule Charter of the City of Madeira, the city manager shall be responsible to city council for the proper administration of all the affairs of the municipality and the enforcement of its laws and ordinances. The Madeira Civil Service Commission shall have all the duties imposed upon it by the Statutes of Ohio including but not limited to authority to conduct police examinations and police disciplinary hearings.

The chief of police is appointed by the city manager. The chief of police, with assistance from his/her administrative staff, establishes policy and administers the police department with respect to its day-to-day operations.

The department is divided into four major divisions.

Patrol service is the backbone of the department, and is responsible for responding immediately to all calls for service and immediate follow-up on complaints. Patrol officers are also responsible for fostering positive public relations between the department and the public. In addition, the supervision of auxiliary officers is the responsibility of patrol supervisors.

Due to the size and composition of the Madeira Police Department there is only one officer assigned to investigative responsibilities. These responsibilities include but are not limited to; follow-up on all criminal case reports forwarded by patrol officers, administration of the property room, and assisting with Madeira Mayor’s Court.

The chief of police and the three lieutenants are responsible for the establishment of policy and setting of standards for the officers to follow, day-to-day management of fiscal expenses, speaking to public groups, and fostering a positive public relations effort.

Records / Clerical
The police clerk/office manager is responsible for the handling, maintenance, and tracking of department documents. While officers are responsible for doing their own incident reports, all other clerical functions and the responsibility for the department computer system rests with this position.

As of January 1st, 1997, the following department positions exist: 
  • Chief of Police
  • Police Lieutenant
  • Eight Full-time Police Officers
  • Police Clerk / Office Manager
  • Ten Auxiliary Police Officers

The highest authority is with the chief of police. Police lieutenants, police officers including auxiliary officers completes the police department's chain of command. The police clerk / office manager answers directly to the chief of police.