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Goals and Objectives
The department has established the following strategic goals for the future:
  1. To focus departmental resources toward:
    • A pro-active approach to the prevention of criminal activity within the city.
    • The detection, apprehension, and prosecution of criminal suspects.
  2. To work to implement community policing strategies wherever practical, and foster community participation to combat criminal activity.
  3. To manage traffic flow on city streets. To lessen vehicle accidents through a program that enhances the patrol division’s ability to enforce traffic laws, and to respond to neighborhood traffic complaints.
  4. To work with city organizations in order to educate citizens in crime prevention techniques and services that can help deter criminal activity in the community.
  5. To implement an ongoing strategic planning process, to assist the department in managing the future through coordinated programs and activities with other police departments and criminal justice agencies.
  6. To provide a working environment that promotes employee growth and development, while ensuring high-quality, efficient, and cost effective services. The department will accomplish this through expanded use of active recruitment of highly educated applicants, career development, training opportunities, and upgraded technology.