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How do we make decisions?
Operational Decisions & Directives
The mission statement, organizational strategic goals, and the department rules and regulations are the basis for making operational decisions and directives.

The chief of police attempts to seek input form various levels of the department before implementation of most department policies. Employees are encouraged to develop suggestions for improvement of existing policies or the establishment of new procedures.

The department recognizes that its single most important responsibility is service to the community. Decisions are judged on their relevance to this mission. Decisions are reached, and activities are conducted, in a manner intended to earn public confidence.

The department recognizes the need for development and maintenance of relationships with organizations, agencies, and associations at the national, state, and local level, which can assist in maintaining and improving quality police services for the city.

Administrative Philosophy
The administrative philosophy for the Madeira Police Department is based upon a commitment to the value of interrelated roles within a structure, a respect for the positions of authority, responsibility, and accountability.

The administration of the department is concerned with creating, stimulating, maintaining, and unifying those energies which comprise the law enforcement endeavor and enable the realization of departmental goals and objectives. The administration seeks to synchronize and integrate the various efforts and contributions of all personnel in order to produce unity in purpose and effort.

Administrative actions are to be directed in such a manner as to accomplish the purposes of the department. Individual performances must withstand the test of evaluation, according to predetermined departmental objectives.