Sidewalk Master Plan Update

December 17, 2020 - Almost two decades have passed since the Madeira City Council adopted a Sidewalk Master Plan. The purpose of this Plan was to identify all of the roads which would support the location of a sidewalk and develop a strategy for the construction along the City’s major roadways in order to link the many neighborhoods with the Madeira Business District, Public Parks and School Buildings. By the end of 2021, the City will have completed approximately 25,000 lineal feet (almost 4.75 miles!) of new sidewalk throughout the community.  We have approximately 13,000 l.f. (2.5 miles) remaining to complete the Plan.  The goal is have these last projects completed in the next 5 years. A variety of federal, state and local funding has contributed to the success of the Plan; those funding sources will continue to be used to complete it as quickly as possible.
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