Zoning Code Update - 6.11.21 Revision

At the May 24, 2021 meeting, City Council amended Ordinance 21.01 to include the following changes:

  • Amend 01: Definition of “Deck” revised such that all decks “shall no longer be larger than 25% of the footprint of the principal building or dwelling.”
  • Amend Section 150.01: Definition of “Lot Coverage” revised such that the phrase “excluding uncovered decks” is included.
  • Amend Section 30(B)(1)(e): Size limitations of decks – Added subsection (e) limiting decks to 25% of the footprint of the principal building or dwelling.
  • Amend Section 13(c)(2): Impervious Surface Calculation – add “uncovered decks” to list of items which are not to be included in the impervious surface calculation.
  • Amend Section 13(c)(3)(a): Res. Dist. – revise to “shall not exceed 50% of the total gross area of the underlying lot.”
  • Amend Section 31(A)(2): Revise to “No garage sale shall be permitted for more than two (2) consecutive days.”
The full document can be read HERE.
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