2021 Leaf Pick Up

The 2021 Leaf Pick-Up program will run from October 11th through December 23rd.  Please refer to the LEAF SCHEDULE to see when crews will be on your street.  Madeira streets are divided into two zones. Each zone will be picked up every other week.  The exact day your leaves will be gathered are subject to the unpredictable amount of leaves each resident may leave out, weather and equipment delays. Every effort will be made to pick up all leaves in a timely fashion. Keep in mind the Service Department also maintains its normal work duties in addition to providing the leaf pick-up service.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE!


*  Rake all leaves to the edge of the road.

*  LEAVES ONLY!  Landscaping stones or branches may harm the Service Department employees and damage the equipment.

*  Do not put leaves in the streets. This is hazardous for vehicles and may clog storm water drains.

*  Avoid parking near the leaves. The equipment cannot access the leaves if a vehicle is blocking the area; this will cause your leaves not to get picked up until the area is clear of vehicles.

*  Be aware that dry leaf debris may be left behind by the equipment. Unfortunately, this is unavoidable. Rainy weather often helps minimize this problem. 

*  Rain may slow down the pick-up process - wet leaves may clog the equipment.  
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